i just want to be touched really hard

like by a car

hit me with a car 

Title: Shadow Of A Man
Artist: Neulore
Album: Shadow of a Man - Single
Plays: 1117


Neulore Shadow Of A Man

And all the memories of the days you lost
You add them up and then you count the cost
You’re just a shadow of a man undone
Another life that has just begun
So light your torch and follow me
We’ll burn the boats back to who we used to be
And all this time it was never what it seemed
Let’s burn the boats back to who we used to be

Title: Black Pear Tree
Artist: The Mountain Goats
Album: Black Pear Tree EP
Plays: 156


i saw the future in a dream last night
somebody’s gonna get hurt

somebody’s gonna get hurt

i hope it’s not me

but i suspect it’s going to have to be

Zawe Ashton | Ph: Retts Wood

Religion, it must be understood, is not faith. Religion is the story of faith. It is an institutionalized system of symbols and metaphors (read rituals and myths) that provides a common language with which a community of faith can share with each other their numinous encounter with the Divine Presence. Religion is concerned not with genuine history, but with sacred history, which does not course through time like a river. Rather, sacred history is like a hallowed tree whose roots dig deep into primordial time and whose branches weave in and out of genuine history with little concern for the boundaries of space and time. Indeed, it is precisely at those moments when sacred and genuine history collide that religions are born. […] Still, we must never forget that as indispensable and historically valuable as the Quran and traditions of the Prophet may be, they are nevertheless grounded in mythology. It is a shame that this word, myth, which originally signified nothing more than stories of the supernatural, has come to be regarded as synonymous with falsehood, when in fact myths are always true. By their very nature, myths inhere both legitimacy and credibility. Whatever truths they convey have little to do with historical fact. To ask whether Moses actually parted the Red Sea, or whether Jesus truly raised Lazarus from the dead, or whether the word of God indeed poured through the lips of Muhammad, is to ask totally irrelevant questions.The only question that matters with regard to a religion and its mythology is “What do these stories mean?”
Reza Aslan, No god but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam, pages xvii - xviii. (via eibmorb)

Natalia Kills by Chad Wilson

Title: This Head I Hold
Artist: Electric Guest
Album: Mondo
Plays: 255
but I swear from the bottom of the bricks and spray paint in my belly that when I’m saying “sit down” I’m praying you learn what it means to stand up.
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