Title: Losing My Religion (R.E.M. Cover)
Artist: Joshua James
Album: Daytrotter Session (EP)
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Stavropoleos Monastery, Bucharest, Romania



Zeus could not unmake the webs
of stone that surround me. I have forgotten
the men I used to be; I follow the hated
road of monotonous walls
that is my destiny. Straight galleries
that curl themselves into secret circles
throughout the years. Parapets
cracked by the usury of days.
In the pale dust I have deciphered
a trail that I fear. On some concave evenings
the wind has brought me a desolate bellowing
or the echo of a desolate bellowing.
I know there is Another in the shadows,
whose destiny is to exhaust the long solitudes
that weave and unweave this Hades
and to thirst for my blood and devour my death.
We look for each other. I wish this
was the last day of waiting.


There will never be a door. You are inside
and the fortress surrounds the universe
and has no obverse nor reverse
nor outer wall nor secret center.
Do not hope the rigor or your path
that stubbornly bifurcates into another,
that stubbornly bifurcates into another,
will come to an end. Your fate is made of iron
like your judge. Do not expect the charging
of the bull who is a man and whose strange
plural form brings terror to the tangle
of infinitely intersecting stone.
It does not exist. Expect nothing. Not even,
in the black twilight, the beast.

Jorge Luis Borges

He deduces that killing the human is right in the pursuit of a higher cause.


On the run (July 22) 


america was here


Rinko Kikuchi

Title: Electricity
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: R U Mine?
Plays: 14323
Title: Buildings
Artist: Regina Spektor
Album: 11:11
Plays: 1013

Regina Spektor - Buildings

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